mercredi 10 mars 2010

Actualité africaine du Chatham House : Président somalien et affrontements au Nigeria

Transcription ICI de l'intervention du Président Somalien Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed le lundi 8 mars 2010 (Chatham House)en présence de David Stephen (UN Secretary General's Special Representative for Somalia (1997-2001)):Somalia at a Crossroads and the Duty of the International Community.

"President Sharif's government is fighting a range of insurgent groups for control of Somalia, some of which have been linked to international terrorist attacks. The country faces severe humanitarian and development challenges, has lacked stability for 20 years and has consistently been declared to have the worst humanitarian crisis in the world. In recent years piracy off the coast of Somalia has brought new international attention to the conflict. President Sharif was formerly leader of the Islamic Courts Union government and an opposition leader before becoming President of the Transitional Federal Government in 2009"

Et l'article "Violence in Jos, Nigeria: Bloody Agendas and Hidden Hands" d'Elizabeth Donnelly également du Chathaam House.

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